Rent a boat on the Göta Canal


Göta Kanal Charter offer rental boats for 4 - 9 persons.

The routs you can choose of is one way route Söderköping – Sjötorp or revers. You can also choose to go return trip from Söderköping or Sjötorp.  The most common is to rent the boats for one or two weeks.

If you rent the boats one-way we're able offer good solutions for transporting. Etiher we can pick you up and drop you of at some train stations or airports, or, if yor arrive by car, you can book car transfer as an option.

The most common route is one way route

The long voyage through the heart of Sweden - the red route

Travel the length of the Göta Canal from Sjötorp-Söderköping, or vice versa – red route. If you go also down to Mem at the Baltic Sea for a quick visit, you travel the whole canal length of 190,5 km with its 58 locks. A one week trip gives you enough  time for breaks, for example for some sightseeing or for bathing fun in the crystalclear water of the lakes you cross. Many people prefer a two weeks trip, to give to explore all the exciting attractions along the Canal. This alternative can also be booked as a return trip from Sjötorp or Söderköping, that means you're going to travel the whole Göta Canal one time in each direction.

 Östergötland on the Göta Canal - the green route

The eastern section of the Göta Canal is full of visitor attractions and events. There are a wide variety of trips to choose from, for example:


37 locks are waiting for you, and you and the boat will overcome around 80 meters in altitude.


Nature and Culture in Västra Götaland - the blue route

Breathtaking nature, simple navigation, and relaxiation - that*s how we describe the route Sjötorp-karlsborg-Sjötorp. On this route you don't have to worry about anything, you can simply enjoy  your holidays, and, depending on the weather, also go out on Lake Vättern. This route has a length of 65 km and through 18 locks will you overcome a difference of 48 meters of altitude between Sjötorp at Lake Vänern and and the highest point of the whole Göta Canal in Lake Viken. this tour gives you plenty of time to have a closer look on the little villages of Lyrestad, Töreboda, and Vassbacken, the overwhelming Lake Viken, the unique historc industrial areas of Forsvik, as well as the impressive castle of Karlsborg. If you like, you can also cross the Lake vättern for a stop in Motala or Vadstena.


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Contact information

Göta Kanal Charter
Råggatan 10

Contact: Pontus Björsner
Phone: +46-705469169


Opening hours

Rental period: May 5 - September 29, 2018.

Price information

Price list 2019
Prices are calculated in one-week charter, discount included. 

Prices do not include canal ticket, this is depending on boat size.

Right now we offer 50% discount in May and September:
Albin 25                 598 EUR
Nano                     703 EUR
Delphia Escape     950 EUR
Pedro 32                852 EUR
Gabriella              1288 EUR
Regina                 1050 EUR

Right now we offer 10% discount in June, July, August:

Albin 25                  1076 EUR
Nano                      1265 EUR
Delphia Escape      1710 EUR
Pedro32                  1533 EUR
Gabriella                 2318 EUR
Regina                    1890 EUR



You will find more information on our boats on Here is some of our boats listed.

"Delphia Nano"
Our new build boat for 2015. It’s a great “small” boat with a lot of space for up to 4 persons. This is a high-class boat for a budget price. All necessary equipment is onboard for a longer stay on the canal.  

"Delphia Escape 800"
Those boats are from 2014 and became very fast very popular. They have a great space in- and outside with up to 6 sleeping places. The steering place both in and outside and bow thruster make the boats very easy to maneuver.

Our flagship with space for 8 people. For people who demand comfort and don’t want the weather to disturb their holiday. Ideal for large families, or two families who want to enjoy a holiday together on the Göta Canal. The boat was designed by Pelle Pettersson with comfortable canal trips in mind, and offers spacious accommodation both on deck and below.

The Albin 25 will accommodate four people, and provides access to all the comfort and equipment necessary for an enjoyable canal trip for a really low price.
Fore cabin with two full-length berths, galley and toilet. Wheelhouse with helm and dining table. After cabin with two berths.

From one of the most famous boatyards in the Netherlands, the Pedro 32 is built in steel with berths for up to six people.
2 berths and a spacious wardrobe in the after cabin. Main cabin with helm position and L-shaped settee. Separate galley and dinette which is easilychanged to another double berth. External helm and generous afterdeck.

HUSKY DANE 1000 ”M/Y Gabriella”
The boat with space up to 9 people. For those who crave comfort and don't want to risk the weather spoiling the holiday.


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