Rent a boat on the Göta Canal

Vadstena, Motala

The great journey through Sweden

Göta Kanal Charter is the leading provider of yacht- and houseboat-vacations on the Göta Canal in Sweden. We offer different boat sizes up to 10 people. No boating license required, but you should have some earlier experience of boating.

You can choose to rent the boats one way from Söderköping to Sjötorp or the opposite (depending on the booking before) or a round trip. 

Become your own captain on one of our rent boats and enjoy the magnificent overwhelming landscape along the Göta Canal. Some of the highlights are:

- 190 km of breathtaking nature
- 58 antique locks
- 91.8 m height difference to overcome
- Crystal clear lakes
- Berg's famous lock flight with its seven steps rising or lowering the boats over 18 meters
- Karlsborg Fortress with its treasure hunt and adventure tours
- Vadstena, medieval town with guest harbor in the castle's moat
- different activities for all ages beside the channel
- and much more...

See you in Sweden!

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Contact information

Råggatan 10
Contact: Pontus Björsner
Phone: +46-705469169


Opening hours

Rental period: May 4 - September 29, 2019

Price information

Price list 2021

One-week-charter. Canal ticket, depending on boat size, comes on top, 565 € or 762 €. 

May and September incl. 50% discount: 

Albin 25                               598 EUR
Nano                                   703 EUR
Delphia Escape                  975 EUR
Pedro 32                             852 EUR
Gabriella                            1416 EUR
Regina                               1050 EUR
Naviga Nordica T 40          1746 EUR

June, July, August

Albin 25                       1195 €
Delphia Nano              1505 € 
Delphia Escape 800    1950 €  
Regina Von Platen       2100 €
Sigrid / Elbåt                2950 €
Naviga Nordica/ elbåt  3492 €

For the dates 29 maj and 28 augusti we offer 30% discount!



You will find more information on our boats on Here is some of our boats listed.

"Delphia Nano"
Our new build boat for 2015. It’s a great “small” boat with a lot of space for up to 4 persons. This is a high-class boat for a budget price. All necessary equipment is onboard for a longer stay on the canal.  

"Delphia Escape 800"
Those boats are from 2014 and became very fast very popular. They have a great space in- and outside with up to 6 sleeping places. The steering place both in and outside and bow thruster make the boats very easy to maneuver.

Our flagship with space for 9-10 people. For people who demand comfort and don’t want the weather to disturb their holiday. Ideal for large families, or two families who want to enjoy a holiday together on the Göta Canal. The boat was designed by Pelle Pettersson with comfortable canal trips in mind, and offers spacious accommodation both on deck and below.

The Albin 25 will accommodate four people, and provides access to all the comfort and equipment necessary for an enjoyable canal trip for a really low price.
Fore cabin with two full-length berths, galley and toilet. Wheelhouse with helm and dining table. After cabin with two berths.

Electric boats ”Sigrid and Sophia” (Husky Dane 1000) 
New build electric boats until season 2021. The boats with space up to 8 people. For those who crave comfort and luxury.

Electric boat " Caspian of Vadstena" (Naviga Nordica 40) 
Environment-friendly, innovative, and luxury boat. Powerful and silent electric engine New built in our own shipyard for 2019! For up to 10 people!


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