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Day 1: Töreboda - Sjötorpsvägen - Töreboda 40 km

The premise is Töreboda, perfect when you come by train. From there, they walked along the canal past the 19 locks to Sjötorpsvägen. In Sjötorpsvägen will be served lunch at the café next to the tourist office. To learn a little more about how the canal was built to get entry to the canal museum. When the mood takes turns to trek to Töreboda and here waiting for dinner. You live and eat in the Guest vicarage which has been completely renovated rooms. (Suggestion: take the train to Töreboda).

Day 2: Töreboda - forsvik - Karlsborgsvägen 29 km

After breakfast, ride on to today's milestones is Karlsborgsvägen, (the Swedish capital reserve). You'll ride right next to the canal until you reach the Tåtorp lying cozy lakeside cove. Here you will take a boat across the lake to the Gulf of Finland Nabben which is a little experience in itself. Lunch Package do you eat on a cozy place in nature. Thencontinuing cycle packet on the Karlsborgsvägen the lake. Here are expecting a good dinner at Ida's Bridge which is one of the area's best restaurants. You live in Ida's Beach Farm, located about 10-15 minutes walk from the restaurant Ida Bridge. Ida Beach Farm is situated just beside the lake bottom, where Gota Canal continues from the lake. We recommend a guided tour of Karl's Fortress.

Day 3: Karlsborgsvägen - Motala - Borensberg - Mountain Gate-Norsholm

After breakfast it is time to get to Motala which is across the lake. A taxi comes to pick you up at Ida's Bridge. You are in Motala 10.00 and M /S King Sverker departs 10am: 30 and you will have lunch aboard the passenger boat. Arrive in Borensberg 12.30. Bicycle travel through the Swedish summer at it's best. You come to the Berg locks that are a spectacle. Take your time to just sit and enjoy! The latter part of the afternoon, the Roxen Nabbenthat take you across Lake Roxen. The trip takes about 45 min. Dinner and overnight at the Captain Bille in Norsholm. The guest house is right by the canal.

Day 4: Norsholm - Soderkoping 25 km

After a good breakfast you cycle on. On the way to Söderköping you cycle north of Lake Asplången before you're back on the tranquil banks of the canal. When you arrive at Söderköping check into the Söderköpings Brunn is a 4 star hotel. Söderköpings finest hotels. On Källen you eat dinner in their restaurant along the canal. You have free access to Söderköpings Brunn spa there are whirlpools indoor and outdoor pool.

Day 5: Söderköping - Mem - Söderköping 12 km

After a lovely breakfast at Söderköping Well you will finish the package with one last bike ride out to Mem (the final target of the channel) and back.

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Time: 1/5 - 31/8 2014 Start Days: Any day of the week.

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Price: adult 8500 SEK Children 8-12 years 6000 SEK. Children 2-7 years 2300 SEK. 2014

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3st. overnight at Hotel.
1st. overnight stay at the Bed & Breakfast.
4st. dinners including 1 x 2-course meal.
4st breakfasts.
1st. museum biljet on Channel museum.
1 pc. bicycle repair kit (from 8 years).
1 pc. map.
1 pc. route description.
1 pc. turn on Roxen Nabben.
1 pc. Boat trip on the M / S King Sverker.
1 pc. Taxi Transportation Karlsborgsvägen - Motala.
Access to Söderköpings Brunn
Spa center there are whirlpools indoor and outdoor pool

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Starting point Töreboda Töreboda is where the canal and Western main line is crossed. We have many daily train stop from Gothenburg, Stockholm, Skövde, Jönköping and Örebro. By car from the E20 Mariestad is only about 15 km to Töreboda. In Töreboda turn left after the fire station and follow King Street. Car parking is available on Channel Road (running not over the canal bridge). Walk across the canal bridge and you have the bicycle rental and Glass Bridge directly at the bridge abutment. From E20 Hova is approx. 20 km. In Töreboda you drive over the canal bridge and turn right at Canal Road. Park here and walk over the canal bridge and you have the bicycle rental and Glass Bridge directly at the bridge abutment.