A beautiful story, Canal exhibition, Berg locks

Vreta Kloster, Motala

In our exhibition A beautiful story you can find out more about our nearly 200 years of canal history and how the engineers' challenges are overcome along the way. We give a glimpse and insight into how the canal has been experienced and aging over the years, from birth to today, and how it is being prepared for the future in the large renovation project Göta Canal 2.0.

Göta Canal 2.0
The project is the largest renovation project that has been completed since the inauguration of the canal in 1832. It was initiated in 2016 and will last for five years with extensive renovation and adaptation of large parts of the channel facility. The unique cultural heritage building is secured by the renovation for future generations and for the Göta Canal to continue to be one of Sweden's most visited destinations.

Outdoor exhibition
Just outside the exhibition hall there is also our outdoor exhibition where you can walk around and feel about 200 year old locks!


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Bergs slussar
Vreta Kloster
Phone: +46-141202050

E-mail: info@gotakanal.se
Website: www.gotakanal.se

Opening hours

The exhibitions opening hours follows the opening hours for the Tourist information.

Price information

The exhibition has free entrance.