Lock gate exhibition, Berg locks

Vreta Kloster, Motala

In the middle of the Bergs lock area, a bit from the largest flight of locks of the Göta Canal, you find five old lock gates set up on land. In the exhibition, we show you the powerful gates that keep the canal in place, and tell the history about the technological development that has affected them over the years. Here you can experience them in close proximity.

Different building technics
Cast iron, wood and steel. All lock gates tell a story about various building techniques used during Göta Canal's more than 200 years of history.

In the original gates, cast iron was used. This was then replaced by wood and steel gates which were used until the late 1900´s to test new technologies. The life expectancy was shortened by a sharp increase, and for steel doors, life expectancy was shortened from more than 200 years to 70 years, plus they required significantly more maintenance.

Now we have returned to the production of cast iron doors with wooden boards that are changed after about 40 years. The stems are estimated to last for almost 200 years.

Contact information

Bergs slussar
Vreta Kloster
Phone: +46-141202050

E-mail: info@gotakanal.se
Website: www.gotakanal.se

Opening hours

The exhibition is open all year round.

Price information

Free of charge. 


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