Full day Cruise with M / S Ceres to Motala

Motala, Borensberg, Berg, Linköping
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Gota Canal cruise Motala!


Experience Motala "Gota Kanal capital" and the channel's steepest flight of locks

M /S Ceres, you will experience a guided tour along a historic part of the canal. We pass several interesting sights along our journey. One example is the Motala workshop, where many classic canal boats seen the light. We also get the chance to see Baltzar von Platen's grave from the right side, the channel page.

During the cruise, which takes about 5 hours, locks us 12 times. We start at. 11:00 Borensberg, the small idyllic the canal society that still lives up the channel the summer. Here are hotels, restaurants and shops within walking distance from the ship.

We glide slowly out over Lake Boren and lunch servedas soon as our chefs are ready, usually about 1 hour after departure. When we harvested Lake Boren including Bridget's Promontory and Castle Ulfåsa it is time to begin the ascent towards Motala this by using locks in Borenshult, which is the channel's steepest and consists of five interconnected locks with a total height difference of more than 15 meters . We pass several landmarks along the canal on its way slowly towards Motala just prior to docking, we pass another gate "association" with the level difference is usually only a few centimeters. Once we have arrived in Motala, we make a stop at about 1 hour. You can then choose to stay on board and just relax on the bridge deck and perhaps take the opportunity to top up your tan with a refreshing beverage in hand. If you want to go ashore so much to see in Motala, recommend warm a visit to Motala Motor Museum where there is something for everyone!

We then leave the harbor of Motala and locks directly into the GotaChannel through the sluice Association, which are to be able to regulate the water level in the canal stretch between Motala and Borenshult.

We pass a few bridges and then we pass again Baltzar von Platen's grave, which lies on the northern banks of the canal.

Furthermore, past historical land along the canal to re-start the gating of Borenshult, this time we will lose about 15 meters to Lake Boren.

Channel crossing from Motala to the locks in Borenshult takes about an hour, then take nedslussningen about 30 minutes. Then we find ourselves at Lake Boren. The cafeteria with light dishes and drinks is open throughout the trip. The restaurant serves lunch on the journey between BORENSBERG- Motala.

The trip Borensberg-Motala normally takes about 2.5 hours

Guided tours with historically delivered during the entire trip!


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Contact information

PnP Rederi AB
M/S Ceres, Borensberg
Motala, Borensberg, Berg
Phone: +46-771505060
Booking: +46-771505060

Organizer: PnP Rederi / MS CERES

E-mail: info@pnprederi.se
Website: http://www.pnprederi.se

Opening hours

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Departures Wednesdays and Fridays throughout July, other days By agreement Borensberg Departure: 11:00 Arrival Motala Motala approximately 13:30 Departure 14:30 arrival Borensberg about 17:00. Booking is open every day during the season 9-18, not seasonally weekdays 9-16. Homepage hour, round the year.

Price information

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Adult: 425 SEK

Children 7-11 years: 185 SEK

Children 0-6 years: free accompanied by an adult


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The ship M / S Ceres is handicapped accessible and has both a restaurant and cafe on board. Full rights on board.

Ship facts M / S Ceres:

Length: 30,4m Width: 6,20m built in 1953.

Capacity: 195 passengers

Home port: Borensberg


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Departs from Borensberg at the canal bridge. From E4, drive towards Motala / Borensberg