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Mallboden Café & Hostel Motala Verkstad at the Göta Canal



Our cafe offers especially our famous waffles. The traditional one with strawberry jam and whipped cream. Our be a little crazy and try our popular creations, Sommar - with season berries and fruits. Comes with whipped cream and icecream. Rocky road comes with nuts, fudge, marsmallows, icecream, whipped cream and chocolate/nut-topping. Marängswiss comes with bananas, chocolate crunch, maroons, icecream, whipped cream andand chocolate/nut-topping. We also have Göta kanal. That one comes with, among other things, raspberry candyboats. We also serve lots of homemade delicacies. The Swedencake, applecake, carrotcake and more. During high season also offered lunches and light meals like baked potatoes, pie, caesar salad and our thin speciality - Tarte Flambée. Here you sit and cuddle in our garden and feel the canal boats sweeps past just by your side.

Gota Canal

A more beautiful environment is difficult to find for your walk or bike ride. Ride east towards Borenshult locks where you can follow the canal boats down the 15 meters descending pass of locks in Boren. The bike tour can continue through to Boren. The canal continues in Borensberg and get further past Ljungsbro and Berg locks. If you choose to walk or bike to the west you will soon pass Baltzar von Platen's grave. Baltzar von Platen who founded and led the construction of the Gota canal and also drew the city plan for Motala. Unfortunately Baltzar died in 1829, three years before the canal was completed. Further along the canal, you reach Motala port where the canal flows into Vattern at Motala Östergötland seacity number one.

Motala Verkstad

Mallboden Café & Hostel Motala Verkstad is the historic site of the ancient Motala industry.

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Varvsgatan 17
591 60 Motala
Phone: +46-141210923


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Our opening hours during season.
We always open up our café March 25. (The Waffle day)
From then we are open Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 4 pm.
From May 1st we are open everyday 11am-4pm.
From first Monday in June we are open 9am-6pm. From first Monday after midsummer eve (usually last Monday in June) we are open Monday to Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm.
In the end of August we are going back to 11am-4pm, and we close up for the season in mid September.
For exact opening hours and changes please check out our website or

Price information



Waffle and coffee 65 kr

Lunch from 95 kr

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