Boat trip across Lake Vättern with M/Y Modig

Lyrestad, Karlsborg

Take a boat trip across Lake Vättern and bring a bike, moped or canoe with M / Y Modig. The boat operates (pre-requisite required) The Karlsborg - Motala route extends during the period 5/7 - 12/8.
Single trip takes about 1½ hours.

Mondays and Fridays
Avg. Hamnen Karlsborg at. 10.30
Avg. Port Motala at. 12:00

Avg. Hamnen Karlsborg at. 17:00
Avg. Port Motala at. 18:30

NOTE. Only reservation!

Price information


One way ticket
Adult SEK 650 
Children 7-12 years SEK 500

Bike SEK 200
Tandem cycle SEK 200
Bike trailer SEK 250
Canoe SEK 200
Moped SEK 300

Note only prebooking.


Note Limited places. Only advance booking.

In case of inclement weather reimbursed tour by bus.