Borensberg, the small seaside town on the canal

Borensberg, Motala
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Idyllic Borensberg is located in the eastern part of Motala in Motala River and canal. The resort has good relations with both Motala and Linköping. In the central part of Borensberg are old buildings preserved.

These include Borensbergs guesthouse and Gota Hotel. Borensberg is also known for its sluice was built in 1820 with a drop of 0.2 meters. The lock Niklas Agust is a simple lock and the only one in Östergötland which is operated by hand.

West of the bascule bridge and south of the canal is the old lock-keeper cottage built in stone in the 1820s. Centrally located also Borensbergs marina with room for about twenty boats. In the inlet from Lake Boren is a characteristic lighthouse and piers which was renovated in 1994.

Before the canal's birth name was Borensberg Husbyfjöl. The first time Husbyfjöl with certainty is mentioned in any record is 17 April 1307. As early as the Middle Ages there was a shelterin Husbyfjöl. During Karl XI's time was operated tavern of successive sheriff Jons Erichsson who also built the present inn north of Motala Ström.

At the traditional Husbyfjölsmarknaden in September each year resurrected the old name.

For those of you who want to be a tourist in Borensberg there:

  • camping
  • Hostels
  • Tourist
  • inn and hotel
  • shops and restaurants
  • marked jogging in varied terrain with view points with views of Boren and Östgötaslätten

Almost 3,000 people live permanently in Borensberg and there is full public in the form of schools and childcare and medical center. Borensberg is a popular residence and there are vacant lots. The whole assembly Borensberg live about 4000 people.

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Borensberg is located between Motala and Linköping in Motala