Fishing in Karlsborg


In and around Karlsborg there are plenty of lakes with good fishing. Lake Vättern with salmon, trout, char, whitefish - and last but not least; the rich precense of signal crayfish.

Here is a list of where you can fish and where you can buy fishing licenses.

Lake Bottensjön

pike perch

There are different types of fishing licenses depending on how and what you are planning to catch.

Karlsborg's fishing- and fishkeeping association manage the fishing. Information about fishing licenses, methods and appropriate equipment can be reached on weekdays between 10 - 19 from chairman Bo Sjöberg, phone +46 505 109 31 or +46 705 708 720

The "small" fishing license covers only handheld equipment in lake Bottensjön. No trolling.
Day license: SEK 50
Year license: SEK 200
Limits: Max one fishing rod/license. Max two pike perche's/day. Min. length 45 cm. From 15:th of May to 15:th of June it's forbidden to catch pike perch because of spawning.

The "big" fishing license covers handheld equipment, trolling, ice-fishing and "angeldon". (Angeldon = unit that is positioned on the ice and bang shot or flag indicating the bite).
These methods is allowed all year round on the areas which are rented by Karlsborg's fishing- and fishkeeping association. Maps and rules are handed, when you buy the fishing license.

Day license: SEK 100
Year license: SEK 300
Limits: Max four fishing rods/boat. Ice fishin/"angeldon" max six/fishing license. Max two pike perche's/day. Min. length 45 cm. From 15:th of May to 15:th of June it's forbidden to catch pike perch because of spawning.

Crayfishing license.
From the 1:th of July to the 30:th of September you can buy crayfishing license for SEK 150/ten cages. The license is valid from 16.30 - 14.30 (the day after). Max 3 licenses/family. We sell max 30 licenses/day.
The time can be changed depending on the supply of crayfish.

All licenses kan be bought from Bo Sjöberg's Fiske & Fritid, weekdays 10 - 19, phone: +46 505 109 31
Shop's opening times:
Low season: Mo, Wed. Fri 17.00 - 19.00
Peak season: Mo-Fri 16.30 - 19.00

The "small" license
Cykelaffären i Karlsborg tfn +46 505- 10137
Preem tfn +46 505- 101 21
OK/Q8 tfn +46 505- 441 51
Karlsborgs Turistbyrå tfn +46 505- 173 50

Lake Björklången


Fishing licenses are sold by:
Macken in Undenäs, phone: +46 505 202 21

Day license SEK 15
Week license SEK 40
Season license SEK 75
Year license SEK 100

Lake Kyrksjön


Fishing licenses are sold by:
Fredéns Livs in Mölltorp, phone: +46 505 30017

Licensefishing Tiveden

Licencefishing Tiveden includes 7 different lakes:

Mellre Fiskelösen
Nödre Fiskelösen
Sörängs Bergsjö

Day license, adult: SEK 150
Day license children (9-15 y): SEK 100
Family license, parents with children under 16 years: SEK 300.
Lake Kroksjön can be rented for SEK 5 250 incl. insertion of 35 kg Rainbow rout.

Licensefishing Tiveden is managed by Hökensås Sportfiske.

Fishing licenses:
License automat, Granvik
Granviks Byalag, phone: +46 73 80 30 676
OK/Q8, Karlsborg
Macken Undenäs phone: 50 02 21

and online at www.hokensas.where you also find maps and further information.

Lake Stora Valsjön

Fishing licenses:
Lanthandeln u Undenäs, phone: +46505-204 75

Day license: SEK 20
Week license: SEK 40
Season license: SEK 60
Year license: SEK 100

Lake Trehörningen

Fishing license:
Ösjönäs lägergård, phone: +46 505-250 22
cell.: +46 70 449 03 88.

Edsån, Sätra

Along Edsån there are several places with windshields and fireplaces.

Fishing licenses:
Bruksgården, Sätra, phone: +46 505 211 21,
+46 730-48 32 46, +46 705-63 42 02
Lanthandlar'n i Undenäs, phone: +46 505 204 75

Fee: SEK 160

Lake Unden

This is a deep lake fed by springs (104 m) with a low temperature.

Fishin licenses

Camping Tiveden, phone: +46 584 47 40 83

Day license SEK 50

Family license SEK100

week SEK 150

Week Family SEK 300

Holiday license SEK 300
Year license SEK500

Lake Viken

See our website:

Lake Vättern

From the shore or from boat you are welcome to free fishing with handheld equipment, as angle-, jig-, spinning- or fly-fishing rod.
Max three fishes of the speciments char, trout or salmon may be catched and kept per person. Only two of these may be char.

Read more about the fishing rules at:


In public water in Lake Vättern you can fish free, during five weekends from friday 17 o'clock to sunday 17 o'clock with start the second friday in August and stop the second Sunday in September. Max 6 cages/person. The cages must have at least two escape openings, min 28 mm in diameter.

Read more about fishing rules at

Lake Bottensjön
Special fishing licenses are available.

The Göta Canal
You can chose betweend crayfishing packages with overnight staying and equipment or buy a spot at the canal.
On you find where to buy your license.

Göta Canal

In the Göta Canal you may fish free if you go by your own boat and have bought a canal ticket. (Except for the canal in Motala, where gamefish is inserted).
If you want to fish from the shore you need a fishing license, because all the fishing in the canal is demised.