Walking the Göta Canal

Motala, Mariestad

A walk along the Göta Canal is a tranquil experience. The gentle pace gives you time to enjoy the unique milieu surrounding the canal with its boat-life, locks and local activity. You walk along the gravel towpaths by the side of the Göta Canal. Along its length you will find accommodation, places to eat and interesting things to see.

Walking the canal is an activity suited to any time of year. You will be met by lovely surroundings and nature, and the towpath is car-free.

During the high season the canal is trafficked by many leisure boats as well as passenger boats. At this time there are also many cyclists on the towpath.

The Walking Tour Package
Several companies offer walking tour packages, which include accommodation and food.

Accommodation, Food and Places of Interest
If you want to plan your walking tour yourself, you will find recommended accommodation, places to eat, places of interest and events etc on our website.

The Göta Canal Map and Mobile App
The Göta Canal map showing cycle and walking paths can be read on on our website.

Download the Göta Canal App, which is a great guide when arrive at the canal. It is available for both iPhone and Android.

The Walking Guides
Guides with information on the Göta Canal, locks and places of interest are available on our website for download.

Walking Tour Page
We have collected information on walking the Göta Canal on our website.

Recommended walking routes, which follow the canal on the gravel car-free towpath:



Sjötorp-Lyrestad 7,0 km

Lyrestad-Norrkvarn 2,0 km

Norrkvarn-Hajstorp 5,2 km

Hajstorp-Töreboda 4,4 km

Töreboda-Vassbacken 10,8 km

Vassbacken-Tåtorp 5,5 km

Borensberg-Berg Locks, 20 km

Norsholm - Brådtom Lock, 3 km
Brådtom Lock - Hulta Lock at lake Asplången, 3 km

Snövelstorp´s bridge (east of lake Asplången) - Söderköping, 11 km

Söderköping - Mem Lock, 6 km

Contact information

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Phone: +46-141202050

E-mail: info@gotakanal.se
Website: http://www.gotakanal.se

Opening hours

Opening times
The Göta Canal is open from May to September.

Walking is an activity suited to any time of year. During an autumnal walk the avenue of trees along the canal offer a colourful experience.


Walking along the Göta Canal is easy. You follow the gravel towpath, which is car-free, and always have the canal in view.
The paths are unmarked but there are signposts and information boards.

When the Göta Canal was built the towpath along its length was also constructed. On these paths oxen or horses dragged the barges along, as it was not possible to navigate sailboats through the narrow channel sections. The canal stretches were divided into stages and at each stage pullers were available for hire. The old towpath is one of Sweden’s most popular cycle and walking paths today.