Groups and Conferences Söderköpings Brunn


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Come to beautiful Söderköpings Brunn

Cruise on the Gota Canal
With our cruise ship, M /F Lindön, explores you the beautiful Östergötland archipelago. Why not combine the cruise with a conference dinner on board?

Guided city tour 
Söderköping has an interesting history dating back to medieval times. A knowledgeable guide will take you on a trek through time and space through the old city center.

9 km outside Söderköping the Hylingebanan, a beautiful 27-hole course. We offer golf events.

Adjacent to the hotel there is a very beautiful and good gravel tenniscourt. Racquets and balls are available at reception.
Track hire: SEK 100 hour

About the society can not be bothered getting around Soderkoping on foot, there are summer opportunity to charter tour train "Tuffe" that makes a guided tour through the city.

Climbing Ramunderberget
Ramunderbergetis the name of the mountain that towers over Söderköping. We go up to the viewing pavilion on winding staircases and paths and hope that giant Ramunder not fall over us on the way. Once at the top waiting for a dizzying view - and perhaps refreshments!

Swimming and sun
During the warm season, we enjoy swimming and sunbathing in our generous pool area in Lagbergska park. For the race goers can give water polo a wet rounding.
When it's cold in the air we warm ourselves in the sauna and cools us afterwards in the indoor pools.

Bicycle or canoe excursion
We have a number of bikes and canoes for our guests. Why not take a trip on Storån or cycle along the Gota Canal with Stuffed picnickbaskets?

Beverage or chocolate tasting
With us drinks tasting a delicious moment with both humor and joy. Our sommelier explains in an easy manner about the various beverages characters, history and use. You certainly do not need to know anything about the drinks for the exchange of a test with us! Before dinner, before the taste buds have been overwhelmed by all the good food, is the most appropriate time for a test. We provide Whiskey, beer, cognac, champagne and wine tastings. Or why not try the chocolate with some exquisite wines?

Contact information

Söderköpings Brunn
Skönbergagatan 34
614 21 Söderköping
Contact: Johan Lindgren
Phone: +46-12110900


Opening hours

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All days of the week, all year round


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  • 102 rooms including 18 single 76 double
  • 7 conference rooms
  • 13 breakout rooms


  • Pool
  • Restaurang med fullständiga rättigheter
  • Gratis WiFi