The artwork "Pink echo - inner fire", Norrkvarn

Norrkvarn, Motala

The artwork Pink echo - inner fire is part of the art project Vision by Water. It is located at Norrkvarn locks on the western part of the Göta Canal and was inagurated in 2012.

The sculpture is made of rose-colored concrete with ornaments in different colors and hot rod-like flames on top. The artist Katarina Norling describes her work as follows:
"The Rosa Ekso Artwork - inner fire is a portal that leads into nature. But when the Göta Canal is still, you can also see the portal and its flames and objects reflect in the water, then it becomes a portal that leads straight into the water."

The Visions at Water art project has made a good impression along the Göta Canal since a few years back. The art competition has resulted in permanent artwork along the Göta Canal.