Berg Locks, Gota Canal

Motala, Linköping

The Berg Locks are joined together as a double lock, and have a total rise of 5.5 metres. The are located right above the more famous Carl Johan flight of locks.

The present lockkeeper's house was built in 1935. The earlier building had a veranda for steamboat passengers.

Memorial stone

West of the locks, on the north bank of the canal, stands a memorial stone which was erected in 1932 to commemorate the billeted soldiers who built the canal. The six blocks of light red granite have a bronze relief on the side facing the canal. The memorial was designed by C. Berger and has a symbolic depiction of the canal excavations.

Formal name: Karl Ludvig Eugen ( King Karl XV)


Technical facts: The Karl Ludvig Eugen Locks are joined together and was electrified as early  as 1969. They have a total rise of 5.5 metres.

Contact information

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Opening hours

2020 Göta Canal is open:
Booking season May 4 - June 14
High season June 15 - August 12
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