Klämman Lock, Gota Canal

Motala, Söderköping

In 2016 examintations showed that the soil conditions at the Kläman lock were inseparable and landmasses were eroded into the canal.

This had made the lock to a very narrow passage for boats. A comprehensive renovation effort, consisting of land consolidation, stone coating on the inside of the canal, renovation of the walls and restoration of the canal profile, was carried out.

Before the renovation, the manually operated lock gates were usually open and used only to regulate the water level in the lake Asplången. After refurbishment, the lock is now used as a normal level lock again, and it is no longer manually handled.

History of the lock
The upper lock at Klämman had a reinforced and widened walkway across the gates.  This is because the towpath from Mem to Klämman went along the south side of the canal, while the towpath from Klämman to Snövelstorp went along the north side. The horses and oxen that pulled the boats were therefore forced to cross the lock at Klämman.

Formal name: Linköping

Built: 1826 

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Opening hours

2020 Göta Canal is open:
Booking season May 4 - June 14
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