Mariehov Upper Lock, Gota Canal

Motala, Söderköping

In November 1937, an unusual creature was discovered in Mariehov Lock, which turned out to be a Chinese mitten crab. These are an Asiatic variety which was spread to Europe by ship. The lockkeeper who discovered it handed it over to a headmaster in Söderköping by the name of Hultén for forwarding to Professor Hanström in Lund. What then happened to the crab remains a mystery.

Formal name: Örebro

Built: 1831

Technical facts: The single lock has a rise of 2.6 metres. Between Mariehov Lower Lock and Mariehov Upper Lock is a waiting jetty.



Contact information

AB Göta kanalbolag
Box 3
59121 Motala
Phone: +46-141202050


Opening hours

2018 Göta Canal is open:
Booking season May 2 - June 10
High season June 11 - August 15
Booking season August 16 - September 30