Tegelbruket Lock

Motala, Söderköping

The lockkeeper’s cottage was built in 1907, but by then Johan Ludvig Nykvist had already served at the lock for 32 years. When Johan Ludvig retired in 1915, his son Knut Harald Nykvist was put in charge of Tegelbruket Lock.

Approximately half a kilometre east of the lock lay the former canal company’s old people’s home, Musko. The bui

lding was demolished in 1945 after standing empty for 32 years.

Formal name: Göta Kanal Direktion/The Göta Canal Direction

Built: 1832

Technical facts: The lock is a single lock with a rise of 2.3 metres.




Contact information

AB Göta kanalbolag
Box 3
59121 Motala
Phone: +46-141202050

E-mail: info@gotakanal.se
Website: www.gotakanal.se

Opening hours

2018 Göta Canal is open:
Booking season May 2 - June 10
High season June 11 - August 15
Booking season August 16 - September 30