Borenshult Locks


Formal name: Minnets fem slussar/The five locks of memory (probably named in memory of the founder of the Göta Canal, Baltzar von Platen).

Built: 1823 - 1825.

Technical facts: This flight of locks consists of five connected chambers. The lock gates were converted to hydraulic operation and electrified in 1969-1970. The total rise is 15.3 metres.

History of the locks

The middle lock is inscribed with the names of  two building supervisors who wanted to be remembered by the world. On the north side of the lock, the name "Byggmästare W Barack" has been cut into the wall, while the south side is inscribed with the name "Arbetsledare And Sohlén."

The lockkeeper's cottage was built of stone during the 1820s. Originally, the cottage contained two dwellings with a shared kitchen.