Göta Canal marina - Borenshult, Motala


The Borenshult marina, with 10 berths is right below the Borenshult flight of locks in Motala. It is the second longest flight in the Canal, with 5 locks connected.

The boats being raised and lowered over 15 metres to bridge the difference to Lake Boren. In the area there is a popular icecream kiosk and a restaurant just above the slus staircase.

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Contact information

Phone: +46-141202050

E-mail: info@gotakanal.se
Website: www.gotakanal.se

Opening hours

2022 Göta Canal is open

Pre-season: May 3 - June 13
High season: June 14 - August 15
Post-season August 16 - September 30

Price information

5 days in the guest harbor are included for boats with a ticket for the Göta Canal. For nights in addition, and for boats without a valid canal ticket, the cost is 225 SEK/night or 1170 SEK/week.


Marina facilities:
10 berths
6 electrical sockets
Toilet facilities just above the flight of locks
Houshold garbage disposal by the parking above the flight of locks

Mooring: alongside


  • Restaurang
  • Gästhamn
  • Kiosk
  • Badstrand