Sjötorp Lock 6, Göta Canal

Motala, Mariestad

Sjötorp Lock has a unique lockkeeper’s house, probably built as early as 1810-1820. The house is of natural stone, as are many of  the other lockkeepers’ and bridgekeepers’ dwellings. These were often very cold in winter and were gradually replaced by timber buildings. Although most of the stone houses were demolis

Formal name: Jordbruket/The Agriculture

Built: 1820

Technical facts: This single lock has a rise of 2.4 metres

Contact information

AB Göta kanalbolag
Box 3
591 21 Motala
Phone: +46-141202050


Opening hours

2020 Göta Canal is open:
Booking season May 4 - June 14
High season June 15 - August 12
Booking season August 13 - September 30