Qvarnstensgruvan- The Millstone Quarry


Deepen your experience in Lugnås

Though the clamor of pick-axes digging into the mountain has been silenced and the air cleared of pulverized stone, one can now discover nuggets of knowledge taking our guided tour down into the mine. When the mine was active, the area was barren and dusty. Time has healed most of the old wounds and your journey to the mine will take you through the now lush countryside.
The mine at Lugnåsberget, about 15 km southwest of Mariestad, is one of the world's only millstone mines open to visitors. We welcome you to come visit!


Of the 55 quarries on the mountain, Minnesfjället is the only one open to visitors. Take the guided tour deep into the earth, absorb the tale of the mine, and learn the story behind the strange name, Minnesfjället. While you are here, take time to look into our small museum and maybe grab a bite in the cafe. And take a moment to enjoy the nature and its surrounding silence here in the middle of the forest.


About 10 km south-west of Mariestad is the Minnesfjället Millstone Quarry in Lugnås, the only one in Europe that is open to the public.
Millstones have been fabricated in Lugnås for nearly 800 years, and the mountain bears clear marks of human activity.

Walk down the trail from the car park to the mine and enjoy the flowers, the greenery and life in general.

Listen to the guide’s tales about life and work in olden days, and experience the excitement of being underground in a real mine.

Visit the museum and have a cup of coffee or an ice cream in the kiosk.

Stonecutter's Path / Hiking

Along the 5k trail, you will experience changes in nature and cultural remnants. Signs indicate various points of interest, the quarries, former villages, geological formations, and information about the local vegetation and animal life. The trail starts and ends in the Klosterängen nature reserve, though you can choose to start your hike from any point. The trail is managed and sponsored by local villagers who are responsible for designated lengths along the trail.

Millstone Trek

Every spring, on a Friday evening late in May, the popular millstone trek becomes an full-blown event organized by the BIF, Björsäters Idrottsförening. Hundreds of people from all around descend upon the mine, giving a sense of the hustle and bustle of the mine in it's heyday when more than 600 men worked there. The journey begins and concludes at the BIF clubhouse located at the entrance to Lugnås on the E20. Along the trek, you will meet magicians, trolls, and "fjällagubbar" (mountain men). You can also sample the classic Lugnås Drink and the grilled Coal Balls and sausage, made exclusively from local Lugnås meat. This evening is all about celebrating the mine, and the café and the museum will be open as well.

This year, the event is scheduled for May 20th, 2011

Biosphere Vänerskärgården Kinnekulle project

We are part of a collaborative project with the Vänerskärgården Kinnekulle Biosphere Reserve and The West Swedish Tourist Board, aiming to make the whole area (Mariestad, Kinnekulle and Lidköping) an outstanding eco-tourist destination. We have partnered with several attentive organizations and companies, whose goal is to make a stay in Skaraborg, pleasant and memorable for all who visit.

About the Organization

Qvarnstensgruvan Minnesfjället (Qvarn Stone Mountain Mine Memorial) is a non-profit organization whose aim is to educate visitors about millstone mining in Lugnås in a hands-on fashion. Our purpose is to provide employment those who live in the neighborhood, and we take pride in being able to offer 10 summer jobs to young people to work as guides in the mine. All of our guides have been through the guide training that we conduct each Spring in cooperation with the Studiefrämjandet (Study Promotion Association).

Would you like to become a member and support the organization? You can do this most easily by sending your membership fee to our PlusGiro bank account 1880845-1.

Person - 100 SEK /yr
Family - 225 SEK /yr (regardless of number of children)

Don't forget to add your name and address, so we can be sure to know who is paying.

Contact information

Qvarnstensgruvan i Lugnås
Qvarnstensgruvan Minnesfjället
54294 Mariestad
Phone: +46-50140686

E-mail: info@qvarnstensgruvan.se
Website: http://www.qvarnstensgruvan.se

Opening hours

Guided tour, café and museum when open. The area is nice to visit even if it is not open. Guided tour starts at 12.15, 13,15 14,15, 15,15 and 16,15.


Saturday and Sunday 12:00 -17:00
April 29 - June 18
Summer: All days between
June 24 - August 20 between 12:00 - 17:00
July: All days between 11:00-17:00
August 26 to September 10, Saturdays and Sundays between 12:00-17:00

Special Days
Mill Stone Walk Friday May 19, 18,00-21,00
Childrens Days with special activities and programs for children Sunday July 2 and Sunday August 7
Theater during summer: times not yet set
Bat Night : time will come soon
Day of Geology September 9, 11:00-16:00
Day of Heritage September 10, 11:00-16:00

Price information

Guided tour 100 SEK/person

Children between 6-12, 20 SEK / child
Children under 6 year, Free in parents company

Group and bus tours:
School groups from 1000 SEK
Other groups from 1500 SEK


Coach / truck parking Coffee Small shop Outdoor Toilet Guided trips in english Groups You can always visit our area, but we can only provide you with guided trips and coffea when we are open.


GPS coordinates: N 58.6255 E 13.7324

From Stockholm:
South on E20. Approximately 10 km south of Mariestad, swing left around Lugnås, up the hill and follow the signs for about 5 km.
From Gothenburg:
North on E20. About 15 km north of Götene, swing right around Lugnås, up the hill and follow the signs for about 5 km.
From Mora:
South on Highway 26. Approximately 10 km south of Mariestad turn right around Stora Ek, up the hill and follow the signs for about 3 km.
From Jönköping:
North on Highway 26. About 25 km north of Skövde, swing left at Stora Ek, up the hill and follow the signs for about 3 km.


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