Torsö språkbyrå

Torsö, Mariestad

Torsö språkbyrå works with translations from Swedish into German and other languages. The company also provides other language services such as interpretation, guiding, assistance at trade fairs, etc. Torsö språkbyrå is an associated member of Facköversättarförening (SFÖ) (the Swedish Association of Professional Translators) and is run by the Torsö resident, Amanda Hessle. Since 2012 I am also working as an authorised guide in Gothenburg, as well as along the Westcoasst and the Göta Canal.

Contact information

Torsö språkbyrå
Torsö Grönebäck 1
542 91 Torsö
Contact: Amanda Hessle
Phone: +46-702063872
Mobile: +46-702063872


Price information

For price information, please contact Torsö språkbyrå:

0046 (0) 70 206 38 72


Why turn to Torsö språkbyrå when in need of various language services? Thanks to 20 years of experience of the tourist trade in both Switzerland and Sweden I am accustomed to selling various tourist destinations and can therefore express myself in a selling way that attracts visitors. I can usually, if needs be, deliver with short notice. I also welcome small assignments.