Hajstorp Locks, Göta Canal

Motala, Töreboda

The western section of the Göta Canal was inaugurated in September 1822, when Hajstorp received its first ever visit from a Swedish monarch.

Karl XIV Johan stepped ashore here on the evening of 26 September amid the greatest jubilation. Huge crowds had gathered to see the king, who was accompanied by Baltzar von Platen.

The next visit by a king, now Gustav V, was on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of the Göta Canal. The king added a plaque with his signature to the monument erected at Hajstorp at the beginning of the 20th century.


Hajstorp Upper Lock

Formal name: Thomas Telford (Scottish advisor to Baltzar von Platen).

Built: 1822.

Technical facts:  The Upper double lock has a rise of 5.0 metres. The date when each lock was built is inscribed in a capping stone, as here at Hajstorp.

Hajstorp Lower Lock

Formal name: Krigsmakten/The Armed Forces.

Built: 1821.

Technical facts: The double lock has a rise of 5.1 metres.

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