Tåtorp Lock, Gota Canal

Motala, Töreboda

The section between Tåtorp and Lanthöjden is called “the Rock canal”. It covers a distance of 3.5 kilometres where the route for the canal had to be blasted from solid rock. The section took seven years to complete and was largely built by a regiment from Skaraborg.

Formal name: Daniel Thunberg (the man who made the first drawings for the Göta Canal)

Built: 1814

Technical facts: Tåtorp Lock is a regulating lock. It controls the water level between the canal and the lake. The lock has a rise of 0.2 metre and is the only manually operated lock on the western section of the canal.


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Opening hours

2018 Göta Canal is open:
Booking season May 2 - June 10
High season June 11 - August 15
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