Biking along Göta Canal

Motala, Mariestad

Göta Canal - biking route

Göta Canal is Sweden´s most popular biking route with long distances, traffic-free cycling.

The Göta Canal was finished in 1832 and along the excavated canal you are cycling on the graveled road that once was used by horses and oxen to pull the boats through the canal.

Most people choose to cycle between Sjötorp and Karlsborg or between Motala and Söderköping/Mem.

A biking tour along the whole Göta Canal from Sjötorp to Mem includes passage of Lake Vättern. A boat transportation can be ordered between Karlsborg and Motala  (July-beginning August). Other times of the year, you have to cycle around north of Lake Vättern, a distance of about 110 km on roads with traffic.

Boat transportation is possible over the Lakes Viken, Vättern and Roxen and must be ordered on telephone.

 Most passenger boats are taking bike on board for a fee. This does not apply to M/S Diana, Juno and Wilhelm Tham, who do not take on passengers during the trip.

A map with the bike route is found in the Tourist Offices along the Göta Canal and can also be downloaded on

Several companies along the canal offers complete packages with bikes, meals and accommodation.

There are plenty of different accommodations alternative along the canal for anyone who bikes on their own.

Contact information

AB Göta kanalbolag
Box 3
591 21 Motala
Phone: +46-141202050


Opening hours

The Göta Canal is open May - September


Biking distance in kilometers


Sjötorp-Lyrestad 7,0

Lyrestad-Norrkvarn 2,0

Norrkvarn-Hajstorp 5,2

Hajstorp-Töreboda 4,4

Töreboda-Vassbacken 10,8

Vassbacken-Tåtorp 5,5

Tåtorp-Forsvik (around Lake Viken) 30,0

Forsvik-Karlsborg 10,0

Total Sjötorp-Karlsborg ca 75,0 km


Motala-Borensberg (around Lake Boren)

20,0 Borensberg-Berg 20,0

Berg-Norsholm (nort of Lake Roxen) 35,3, (south of Lake Roxen) 49,7

Norsholm-Brådtom locks 3,0

Brådtom sluss-Hulta locks 3,0

Hulta-Snövelstorp (north of Lake Asplången) 5,0

Asplången-Söderköping 11,0

Söderköping-Mem 6,0

Total Motala-Mem 120 km