Information – Water levels on Göta Canal

AB Göta Kanalbolag continuously followes the water levels in the lakes which Göta Canal fetches its water from. This years low groundwater levels in south-east Sweden, and the low-precipitation winter have led to a level of water levels in Vättern below normal. For a long time we have seen a rising water depth, but now the trend has turned.

Uppdate May 19th
The water levels in Vättern are relatively unchanged and preparations are now being made for the planned moving of the fairway in Motala harbor. Pontoons are being removed yesterday and bottom investigations are being made in the ongoing project.

The fairway will stay unchanged until other information is clarified via the NtM by the Swedish Maritime Administration.


Update May 10th
Fairway to be rectified in Motala harbor
Göta Kanalbolag initiates immediate projecting to restore the old fairway into Motala harbor. This is a direct action to ensure accessibility in the roadway into Motala harbor and further to and from Göta Canal despite lake Vättern's low water levels.

This means that the capacity of places in the harbor needs to be reduced, but we estimate that accessibility in Motala port will only be affected during a short period of the peak season.

Göta Kanalbolag continues to measure and follow water levels in lake Vättern and other waterways / lakes that affect the Göta Canal fairway. As a boat owner you are referred to carefully study charts and follow prevailing water levels via the NtM by the Swedish Maritime Administration.


Update May 5th
In today's messuring we noted that the negative trend is affecting parts of the Göta Canal.

Are you as a boat owner affected?
There are only few, very deep boats that are affected by these water levels. Please read the chart carefully and follow the current water levels via NtM by Swedish Maritime Administration.

Our website will be updated continuously with ongoing information.

Areas affected:
Motala marina including the lock