Kanalbutiken 5 knop (The Canal store 5 knots)

Forsvik, Karlsborg

Why not take it easy for a while? Slow down and stop at our shop, right next to the canal's oldest sluice gate in Forsvik. Welcome in and enjoy the fragrance of tar and French natural soaps. Marine-coloured textiles, naval art and exclusively designed brass work.  Books, postcards and model boats.
You can also buy sweets and old-fashioned juniper cordial if you're craving something sweet.

Contact information

Kanalbutiken 5 knop
Baltazar von Platens väg 15
Phone: +46-706220340

E-mail: info@5knop.se
Website: http://www.5knop.se

Opening hours

The shop is now closed, and will open up again the 29th of April 2017. Welcome!


The shop's named after the highest permitted speed on the canal. To live your life at 5 knots is something we should all embrace.

Welcome in!