Borensberg, Motala

Visit us at Torpa Gård, close to Borensberg, and drive a Crosskart – a fun and simple motor experience for both kids and grown ups.

At Torpa Gårds gravel track you drive our karts with 22 hp motor. For kids (over 8) we have a special kart with 9.5 hp motor.

2 karts at a time start at parallell tracks and drive a test heat end then 2 timed heats.

Take the opportunity to experience speed and excitement in a simple way!

Contact information

Torpa Gård Konferens Event
Torpa 10
590 28 Borensberg
Phone: +46-14140848
Mobile: +46-705629340
Booking: +46-14140848
Fax: +46-14141548


Opening hours

Season: spring/summer/autumn for booking.
Contact us for current times.

Price information

For current prices, see our web page


Driving takes place within your own group of at least 6 persons, or by signing up to a mixed group, see our website for current times.

Helmet is included.

Age-limit: 8 years.

Length-limit: at least 120 cm.

Extra heats are available for purchase.