Crazy race

Borensberg, Motala

Come to Torpa Gård outside Borensberg for a Crazy race! We can almost guarantee a good laugh when you drive the crazy cars on our marked track.

The cars are remodeled, so they don't operate in a normal way.

You drive:

Blind car – you control the car without seeing where you go, your co-driver operates the gas and brake, and tells what way to go.

Wrong way steering – the car turns left when you turn right.

Pivot car – the car has one wheel at the rear end, which works as the wheels on a shopping cart.

Double Saab – the car is made out of two front ends and driven by 2 persons. Each driver can steer the car, so you'll have to cooperate to be able to drive around the track.

All cars are driven on a marked track, and timed.

Contact information

Torpa Gård Konferens Event
Torpa 10
590 28 Borensberg
Phone: +46-14140848
Mobile: +46-705629340
Booking: +46-14140848
Fax: +46-14141548


Opening hours

Spring, summer and autumn, for booking. Please refer to our webpage for current occasions.

Price information

For current price, see our web page.

Age-limit: 15, some driver's experience needed, or driver's license.

Persons under 18 need company of parent or guardian.


Only for booking.

Age-limit: 15, in the company of parent or guardian. Some driver's experience needed.

2 of the cars need 2 drivers that cooperate.

Driving takes place within your own group of at least 6 persons, or by signing up to a mixed group, see our website for current times.