Torpa Gård Fishing/Crayfishing

Borensberg, Motala

Fishing tourism of the highest class!

Visit us and catch the biggest pike, making you the king among your fishing friends or bring your friends and go crayfishing. We fulfill all the conditions for a successful fishing experience in the lake Boren, close to Borensberg and Göta Canal.

We offer fishing vacations with cottage or hotel accommodation, and crayfishing with accommodation in military tents.

On the beach is a barbeque, to finish your fishing day with a beach party.

Boats - row-boats and motor-boats, in different sizes - are available for rent.

Contact information

Bengt Samuelsson
Torpa 10
590 28 Borensberg
Phone: +46-14140848
Mobile: +46-705629340
Booking: +46-14140848
Fax: +46-14141548


Opening hours

Fishing: spring, summer and autumn for booking.
Crayfishing: late summer, autumn for booking.


Fishing with cottage accommodation includes: accommodation in 3-bed-, alt. 6-bed, self-catering cottage.

Fishing with hotel accommodation includes: Stay in single or double rooms with shower and toilet, on Torpa Hotel. Choose between half and full board.

Rowing boat / motor boat available for rent.

Crayfishing includes: boat/boats, traps, bait and military tents, 6 kg crayfish per group of up to 10 people. Some equipment available. Any extra food needed is the customer's responsibility.

For current prices, visit the website